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Email Marketing That Converts!
Collect More Leads, Follow Up & Convert More Sales!

Email MarketingEveryone uses email, even our grandmas and grampas have a yahoo or aol or gmail account, but now they carry their email around in their pockets.

Smart phones are even free with a 2 year contract at some cell phone stores. What this means is that most likely your best potential customers are checking their emails on the go now. That opens up all sorts of opportunities for you to make more sales. EMAIL MARKETING WORKS! (My Quick Email Marketing Video Here!)

Here are a few tips for getting the best sales results on your next email campaign.

1.) It all starts with having the right target market in mind. If you're emailing the wrong folks then your email will be quickly deleted and never even seen. I'm sure you don't want to waste your time or anyone else's. The more specific the list is the better chance you have at converting them into customers. Small lists that are niche related or based on geography out-convert large "general" email lists.

2.) The fresher the email list the better. If it's a year old, there's a chance a significant amount of them are a waste of time. Some people die, some people close their email accounts, some people start new ones and never log into their old ones again. It's important to make sure you aren't wasting time and effort sending emails only to get a bunch bounce back.

3.) The more your emails sound like it's a personal 1-on-1 email, the better your chances are at getting it opened up and read. A simple email like you'd write to a single person works the best. If it sounds like a sales email, it is, and all they are thinking is that you want their money and they'll disregard your email.

4.) It all starts with a subject line. If you lose them there, you've lost them. Maybe forever. Again, the more personal the subject line sounds, the more one on one it sounds, the better the chance is it will get opened. Things you can do to write a subject line that gets your email opened: Add their name if you know it. I like asking questions, that opens up the possibility they'll want to try and answer you.

*The highest converting subject line we've used is "Hello, I was wondering if I could send you a few new customers, is that something you could handle?" (you're welcome for that tip by the way) It's a pretty long subject line but I repeated it in the 1st sentence of the email too, in case it got cut off.

5.) After you get a response by email from your list, follow up as fast as you possibly can with another email that is even more personalized. Not a copied and pasted response. If someone responds, usually we'll take the persons email and put it in a new list. That list of emails is sent a different sequence of emails going forward and that way they don't get the rest of the emails everyone else will get trying to get a response. Because that crap can get annoying, right?

We have a lot of experience targeting the right people, Business to Business or a Business to Consumer Email Lists. I purposely made that #1.) above for good reason. The targeting of the right people is your biggest leverage.  What you say to them is your 2nd biggest leverage.

Now, Here's The Best Part!

If you simply follow up regularly with more emails there's a great chance you'll get more sales. You'll be able to monetize your email lists if you continue to communicate with the people on it for a long time.

Your 1st email might get you a few sales or interested clients. Your 2nd email a few days later might bring in a few more. And your email lists will become a source of revenue for you.

But here's the catch. You can't just randomly email them offers. You gotta give them some kind of content that's relevant to them. It can teach, entertain or both, but don't just email sales offers because they'll stop reading your emails completely.


It will take us less than 20 minutes together on the phone to come up with a solid plan. Email Marketing is a form of advertising that can be thought up and implemented right away and can get you sales right away.

If after our session together you'd like help targeting a great email list for your business, of your perfect potential customers, we'll get started immediately!


Simple as that! E-Mail Marketing Campaigns start for a little as $299.


Set up a FREE Consultation to see if your business makes a good fit. We work with other Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Advertising Agencies and Small Businesses of every kind and I'm pretty sure we can help you get some new sales through the door in just days.

And we'll quickly figure out a plan together within 30 minutes!


In most cases we can get your emails in people's inboxes in as little as 48hrs.

Elvis Caron
Marketing Director

p.s. e-Mail marketing is by far my favorite method of advertising to do. It's cheap. easy, it can be laser targeted and deployed immediately and get you immediate sales. Not to mention it can be monetized for future sales, repeatedly. Contact me and I'll help you figure out a plan in just a few minutes on the phone.

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